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My necktie chairs are in Nantucket Looms and on my Etsy site. I started this adventure last fall. My husband still calls it an odd hobby until I have my first sale. Still, I love to weave neckties.


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All winter I’ve ben homeschooling and weaving neckties. Finally, the fruit of my labor. This weekend my fourth kid graduates. Next year my last two will both be in public school and I’ll have to sort through all those books and memories. Already they’re telling me which books I MUST keep. This blog is all about starting a crafting business from my old homeschool schoolroom. A conversion of purpose, for both me and the space. I love to take pictures so there will be quite a few. Here’s a chair I wove for our church nursery:

The headrest comes off to be worn as a skirt by toddlers…

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